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About us

3H drives, manages and delivers change. Our DNA was shaped by extensive experience in large change projects and processes. Centering those processes around people is essential. Given an ever increasing level of international exposure, those processes need to be driven and executed in an analytical, smart and pragmatic manner. With this experience, 3H supports it’s clients in their current change endeavours – whether it is integration, sourcing and migration work, or substantial change originating from digitalisation and automation of entire chains of processes and interaction.


Historically, projects were usually divided into management consulting and IT projects, into project delivery and roll-out management. 3H ignores those distinctions. Successful change management needs to take all of these aspects into account - and a successful delivery of change requires a fine blend of


heads intelligence, analytics and an ability to quickly assess changing situations
honour sensitivity, respect and honesty towards clients, teams and employees
hands pragmatism, delivery experience and result-orientation


Does this match your requirement for change? Do you want to partner with a company acting along those lines? Can you see yourself working in this environment? Then let's get in touch and see how your goals and your ambition can be facilitated with our values.


The essential success factor for implementing our strategy of “WE CHANGE” is the team on the project with our clients.


Our team offers a wide range of professional know-how from the banking sector, as well as capital markets and transaction banks. We focus on trading, clearing and transaction settlement, market and trading regulation, capital adequacy and risk assessment, as well as tax issues.


Numerous international programs and projects throughout the entire agile, hybrid or classic project lifecycle were accompanied and managed by our team members. In the context of sourcing, the 3H team has broad expertise in relocating business units, leveraging synergies and system and process integration.


A separation of processes and IT has not only become unthinkable in times of digitalisation. We rely on substantial experiences in modern technologies and architectures, which were acquired and deepened both in "Change" and in the context of "Operation" functions.

These skills are necessary components of a change process. However, only with communicative and socially skilled personalities can major projects be successfully implemented, especially on an international level. These approaches are lived with high priority in the 3H team - always with the common goal in mind: WE CHANGE

Sascha Hoepfner (Honours degree in International Economics & Finance) has many years of experience in consulting, change management, and projects in banking, transaction banking, securities and capital markets.

Sascha Hoepfner has a wide variety of experience in the planning and management of programs and projects, centered around the clusters of migration, IT- and process integration, sourcing, delivery of strategic and regulatory initiatives, as well as automation and eCommerce.

​After his university degree in the UK / US, Sascha Hoepfner started his professional career with one of the largest consultancies in the world, building an extensive skillset of business and leadership skills in his position as manager / executive.

Sascha Hoepfner spent the following 8 years with the two leading transaction banks in Germany as program- and large scale project manager. Since mid-2015 Sascha Hoepfner is engaged in mainly integration and compliance / regulatory driven projects as a freelance contractor, since 2016 additionally as founding and managing member of 3H.


Sascha Hoepfner
Founder & Managing Director

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